Lemko Rusyn Family Search is the foremost genealogy research service specializing in Lemko Rusyn ancestry since 1982. We are a skilled team of professional genealogists with over 50 years of cumulative experience. As experienced research consultants, we offer our clients personalized service and exacting research. Proficient in researching old Latin, Cyrillic, Polish, German and Ukrainian documents, we are fast and accurate in extracting and documenting data from often difficult to read original documents. Our exceptional expertise allows us direct access to hundreds of thousands of hard to find Lemko Rusyn records stored in archives across Eastern Europe.

Discover your Lemko Rusyn ancestors! Visit our Village Map to search through thousands of surnames in our continually expanding data base to find your ancestor’s family name. With our exceptional know-how, many of our clients have been quickly linked back 9 generations to the late 1600s!

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